About Whitney & Ventola Music Studios

annalisa_0182Chris Whitney and Annalisa Ventola met at the Ohio State University School of Music in 1996 and married 13 years later, sharing both their personal and professional lives together.

Between a full schedule of students, ensemble rehearsals, performance workshops, a part-time art gallery, and a small recording studio that has produced several demos, albums, EP’s, and a film score, Whitney and Ventola Music Studios serves a diverse clientele.

When it comes to teaching their respective instruments, Chris and Annalisa share a vision of musical excellence that includes the ability to read music notation, understanding of music theory, and the discipline to put this knowledge into practice. They strive to empower their students with the tools that will enable them to express their own musicality and channel their inspiration in concrete ways.

Having taught music for over 15 years, they have seen their students go on to study music in conservatories, entertain dignitaries (including President Obama!), teach others, and start musical projects of their own.