Techniques of Impressionism Concert

Just a few weeks ago, a few of the piano students of Annalisa Ventola presented a summer concert/lecture on the techniques of Impressionism at Graves Piano and Organ on Karl Road (Columbus, Ohio). Throughout the concert, students and concert attendees learned about such turn of the century compositional techniques as writing with modes, displaced harmonies, pedal points, and organizing music without a tonal center.

All of the students prepared their pieces well over the summer, and it was one of our best concerts ever.  Have a look at the (abridged) program below.

Modal Melodies

Exploring tonalities beyond major and minor scales

Eliza T.

On the Ocean Floor, from The Ocean

Hansi Alt

Hannah M.

Enfantillages pittoresques (Quaint Childishness)

1.  Petit prélude à la journée (Little Prelude for the Day)

2. Berceuse (Lullaby)

3. Marche du grand escalier (On the Grand Staircase)


Displaced Harmonies

Simultaneous occurrences of multiple tonalities

Erik Satie

Gabriel T.

The Vast Expanse of Space

Vladimir Rebikov

Sydney E.

Jumping Jack, from Humorous Bagatelles

Carl Nielsen

Tsunami B.

Le Palais Abandonné (The Abandoned Palace)

 from Histoires (Stories)


Jacques Ibert

Pedal Point
Defining a tonal center using sustained bass notes

Brenen R.

Le Soir (The Evening) Op. 43, No.5

Reinhold Gliere

Marla S.

Clair de Lune (Moonlight)

Claude Debussy

Disintegrating Tonality

Organizing music without a tonal center

Nathaniel T.

Prelude No. 2, from Three Preludes

Charles Griffes

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