Recital Themes

It’s time to start thinking about our summer piano recital and I could use your help in coming up with a new theme.  In previous years we’ve done:

Program Music – This recital was comprised of music that was composed to paint a image or a scene.  The pieces had descriptive titles and sometimes ‘program’ notes to help lead the listener on their journey.

Music History – During this recital, the audience visited the 4 major periods of music from Baroque and Classical to the Romantic and Contemporary Periods.

Female Composers – All pieces performed during this recital were written by women.

American Music – featured a segment of Ohio composers as well as Film and Television music.

Music Around the World – During this recital, the audience was taken for a trip around the world starting in the US and circling around the globe to Europe.  Each student played a piece from a different country.

East Meets West – this recital featured a program full of music by Asian composers as well as music by Western Composers inspired by the Orient.

Sounds from Eastern Europe – music from the countries of Hungary, Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine were promoted during this event.

Do you have any ideas for a recital theme?  If so, please comment below.


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